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Exploring Christianity

The Reason for God                                           Tim Keller available here

Is the New Testament History?                        Paul Barnett available here

If You Could Ask God One Question               Paul Williams & Barry Cooper available here

Counterfeit Gods                                               Tim Keller available here

The Case For Christ                                           Lee Strobel available here

Evidence That Demands A Verdict                  Josh McDowell available here


Bible Reading / Study

Explore Bible Reading Notes                           Various Authors available here

Dig Deeper                                                         Andrew Sach and Nigel Beynon available here

For the Love of God volumes 1&2                 D.A. Carson available here

Bible Overview

God’s Big Picture                                              Vaughan Roberts available here



A Call to Spiritual Reformation                      D.A. Carson available here

Our Father                                                        Richard Coekin available here


Christian Living

Distinctives                                                      Vaughan Roberts available here

Battles Christians Face                                  Vaughan Roberts available here

Holiness                                                            J.C. Ryle available here


Christian Doctrine

Know the Truth                                              Bruce Milne available here


Christian Worldview

God’s Big Design                                           Vaughan Roberts available here



How Long O Lord                                         D.A. Carson available here


Science & Christianity

Unnatural Enemies                                     Kirsten Birkett available here


Understanding Church

True Worship                                                Vaughan Roberts available here

God’s New Community                               Graham Beynon available here


Biography / Church History

Unquenchable Flame                                  Michael Reeves available here

George Whitefield                                        Arnold Dallimore available here

Spurgeon                                                       Arnold Dallimore available here

D.L. Moody                                                     John Pollock available here

The Roots of Endurance                              John Piper available here

Among God's Giants                                    J.I. Packer available here 

Meaty but GREAT!

The Cross of Christ                                       John Stott available here

Knowing God                                                 J.I. Packer available here

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